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batverse's Journal

An Archive of All Things Batman.
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An Archive of All Things Batman.

--Posting Rules--

-Do not create Introduction Posts.

-Do not rush to reply first; take your time and read the thread.

-Do not make low-content/no-content posts.

-Do not derail the thread/take the thread off-topic.

-Do not make worthless posts including spam of any kind.

-Do not screw around with other journals/forums, including posting spyware or "forum invasions."

-SPELL CHECK is your friend. Use it. And capital letters. And punctuation. (We shouldn't have to tell you this.)

-Keep all flame wars off the community; contain them to your own LJs.

-Respect the moderators/admins. We reserve the right to delete posts and ban you at any time.

-If you feel you are being harassed through the community, contact the person first before contacting the mods or reporting to LJ; remember flames and insults are not automatically harassment, but they also aren't welcome here.

-If your English isn't very good, make your post bi-lingual (as in both English & your language). Someone here is bound to figure out what you're trying to say and it keeps the English only speakers from getting paranoid that you're talking about their mommas.

-Do not post others' personal information and stay out of others' personal lives.

-Do not share your LJ account.

-Do not attempt to circumvent these rules, which are flexible.

--Image/File Rules--

-Keep all uncut images/files work-safe.

-All non-work-safe posts MUST be under an LJ-cut with a (work-safe) warning.

-All images must be hosted on your own webspace.

-All images larger than 200 x 300 pixels must be under an LJ-cut.

-Don't take credit for someone else's efforts. Credit the proper person/source if known.

-Check the Memories/Tags before posting requests. What you want may already be uploaded!

--What If I Get Banned?--

-Minor infractions equal a Posting Probation. You will not be allowed to post for a specified amount of time.

-If you continue to break rules after Probation, you will likely be Banned. You may appeal this decision once.

-Permanent Banning is for serious cases like child pr0n, illegal files, or royally ticking off your Moderators.

--Affiliated Communities & Links--